Free Software for Free Minds in Free People

The services which we provide

We do developments, training and consulting about Java Enterprise (EJB and JSF), Java Standard (SWING) and Android, the latter for the C++ side too.
We mainly work with PostgreSQL, but with some other databases too, even if they are commercial.

Data Management

We offer a data management service with our server, which is reachable by Internet.
In this way, you do not need to worry about making and keeping the data backup, or to check the status log of the server, you do not need to apply serurity patches as we do it for you. No viruses, not strange device which stop working, making you loose a lot of time.

Custom development

We develop applications, mainly with web technologies. The adherence to the standards and the countinuous training, joined with the passion for computer science, are the main characteristics which distinguish our job.

A key role in our implementation choice is given to the Open Source tools, not just because they are cheap, but because our experience teaches us their quality is often greater than with their commercial competitors.
It is not easy to explain the source of that fact, but we like to think that the passion for what you do and the will of sharing something with the others, often bring you to reach better results.

RS 232

We have experience in reading data by a serial port, with embedded hardware, which send the informations to a server, from which we get the reports and the analytics about the data.